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Silver City Restaurant & Brewery announces first Belgian Blonde Ale

Silver City Restaurant & Brewery announced the release of its first Belgian Blonde Ale on July 23. Silver City Brewmaster Don “Big Daddy” Spencer also announced Silver City’s “Name the Ale” Contest, which offers patrons a shot at craft beer immortality in exchange for naming Silver City’s new Belgian Blonde Ale (contest runs July 23 - August 6).

“The inspiration for Silver City’s new Belgian Blonde Ale came from two trips I took to Belgium in 2004 and 2008,” said Don Spencer, Silver City Brewmaster. “I recall tasting a variety of Belgian beers that could be classified as ‘Blonde’ or ‘Gold,’ and what I found most appealing was how light and refreshing they were, while at the same time possessing remarkable flavor.”

“Brewing the Belgian Blonde, and any new specialty beer for that matter, is a fun and exciting experience,” said Gary Winn, Silver City Head Brewer. “We get a chance to perfect new brewing methods, get feedback from guests, and of course, taste a new and exciting style of craft beer.”

As of Monday, August 9, Silver City Belgian Blonde Ale will be available in 22 ounce bottles at Silver City Restaurant & Brewery in Silverdale and it will remain on tap while supplies last.

Beginning July 23, Silver City patrons will have an opportunity to achieve craft beer immortality by participating in Big Daddy’s “Name the Ale” Contest. The winner will get to experience the brewing process firsthand by spending a day at Silver City’s new 8,700 square-foot brewery facility in Bremerton. The winner will also be honored at a special Belgian Blonde re-release party to take place at Silver City Restaurant & Brewery on August 9. For complete details visit Silver City online at www.silvercitybrewery.com, or on Facebook and Twitter.

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