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Washington issues first state license to marijuana grower/processor

OLYMPIA — The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) on Wednesday issued the state’s first licenses to produce and process recreational marijuana during a board meeting at its headquarters in Olympia. The licenses were issued to Sean Green, a Spokane entrepreneur who will operate his business under the name Kouchlock Productions.

“This is a historic day,” board chair Sharon Foster said. “The hard work and preparation this agency has done has laid the foundation to make this pioneering endeavor a success.”

Kouchlock Productions (the slang term “couchlock” refers to being too stoned to get off the couch) is licensed to produce and process recreational marijuana. It holds a restricted tier-three license to produce marijuana initially in a space up to a maximum of 21,000 square feet. Kouchlock is one of more than 2,800 producer license applications that the WSLCB is currently processing. Licenses will be continuously issued as they are ready.

The WSLCB will update weekly its list of pending and active marijuana licenses on the frequently requested lists page of the public records section of its website.

Washington voters passed Initiative 502 in 2012, legalizing marijuana for adult recreational use. The WSLCB is in charge of developing and implementing rules to establish a system of state-licensed growers, processors and retail outlets.

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