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Bremerton gets incentive check from PSE for making wastewater treatment plant more efficient

The City of Bremerton received $314,956 in incentives paid by Puget Sound Energy to help support energy-efficiency improvements at the Bremerton Wastewater Treatment Plant located on State Route 3.

PSE energy management engineer Jack Sipila presented a check for that amount to Mayor Patty Lent and the Bremerton City Council at its Feb. 19 meeting.

Key upgrades of the wastewater treatment plant included the installation of high-efficiency motors, pumps and drive system. Installed in September of 2013, the improvements have already saved the city $33,480 in utility costs. Estimated annual savings are slightly more than 1 million kilowatt hours or $86,600.

Puget Sound Energy programs help small and large businesses, as well as residential customers, improve energy efficiency. For more information on PSE’s programs, contact an energy advisor at 1-800-562-1482.

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