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Social justice presentation will discuss Supreme Court decisions and corporations

A presentation on “The Supreme Court, Corporations and You” will be offered March 18 in Bremerton. A series of U.S. Supreme Court decisions have established corporations as persons and equated money with speech. Featured speakers will be U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-Wash.), Fran Korten, publisher of YES! Magazine, Kitsap Sun editor David Nelson and attorney Michael Stowell.

They will discuss the impacts of these decisions and the grassroots response. Each speakers will talk for 10 to 15 minutes, and they will dialogue among themselves and field questions from the floor.

The presentation will be from 7-9 p.m. in the Bremer Student Center at Olympic College, 1600 Chester Ave. in Bremerton.

This program is presented by the Social Justice Committee of the Kitsap Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Representatives from WAmend.org and other social justice organizations will be on hand to share what they are doing and answer your questions about how to get involved.

For more information, contact Jo Walter, littlesproutsps [at] comcast [dot] net or (360) 551-6944; or Linda Driver, lindaadriver [at] yahoo [dot] com or (360) 204-6898.

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