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Labor and Industries offers workshop in Bremerton to help new employers

The state Department of Labor & Industries is offering an informative workshop to help new employers. The next workshop will be held March 27 in Bremerton, from 9-11:30 a.m. at the L&I office at 500 Pacific Ave., Ste. 400. Online registration is encouraged to allow for planning, and registration is available by calling 1-800-574-2829 or online at www.Workshops.lni.wa.gov. Make sure to reference course number 3-78-0079.

This free workshop is essential for all business owners and managers who don’t yet have a full understanding of employer rights and responsibilities relative to the Department of Labor and Industries, or of the services and resources L&I provides. Participants will learn about workers compensation, quarterly reporting, critical claims management strategies, workplace safety and health requirements, wage and hour laws, and contractor registration rules. This workshop also covers payroll, overtime, meal and break requirements, keeping records and importance of paying for workers’ compensation and the importance to your bottom line of managing claims. Other topics include workplace safety and health requirements and contractor registration rules.

Labor & Industries is a state agency dedicated to keeping Washington safe and working. For more information, please call Keith Johnson at 253-596-3834 or visit www.workshops.lni.wa.gov.

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