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Eddon Boat Park to reopen on Gig Harbor waterfront

The City of Gig Harbor will host an opening celebration and ribbon-cutting on Feb. 28 at 3 p.m. at Eddon Boat Park, 3805 Harborview Drive. The event will celebrate the nearly 10-year project that includes completion of an extensive environmental cleanup, restoration of the waterfront and beautification of the downtown park.

Eddon Boatyard was originally constructed in the 1940s, and decades of boat repair and maintenance activities contaminated the site. The City of Gig Harbor has completed the environmental cleanup, and the Washington State Department of Ecology is removing the area from its list of hazardous sites.

“Cleanup does more than remove toxic substances,” said Rebecca Lawson, Ecology’s regional manager for the Toxics Cleanup Program. “This is an excellent example of what comes after a cleanup — a site that can be put back into productive use for the benefit of the community.”

In 2004, Gig Harbor residents voted to save nearly 300 feet of waterfront known as the old Eddon Boatyard, and brick home, including its traditional use as a boatbuilding facility. A Washington State Heritage Capital Projects Grant awarded $1 million in 2006 to preserve and restore the building and another $230,000 in 2008 to reconstruct the pier. The final phase expected to begin in 2015 will restore the marine railways so that the nonprofit tenant, Gig Harbor Boat Shop, can facilitate authentic public programming and shipwright training focused on traditional boat-building skills.

Formal cleanup of the park began in 2008 with the removal of a 12-foot tall creosote piling bulkhead and contaminated soils and sediments. Less contaminated sediments were covered with a cap of sand and gravel. Monitoring of the sediments continued for five years to ensure the cap remained in place.

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