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"Kitsap Connected" video highlights Olympic College partnership with WWU

Kitsap Economic Development Alliance (KEDA) recently released Collaboration, a video featuring Western Washington University and Olympic College, as the newest addition to KEDA’s Kitsap Connected series. The multi-media marketing campaign promotes economic development opportunities throughout Kitsap County and across the Greater Puget Sound Region.

The video celebrates the collaborative spirit that led to an expanded partnership between the two institutions and the creation of the Western Washington University Center at Olympic College in Poulsbo. The partnership enables OC and Western to provide undergraduate and graduate degree programs as part of a joint vision to serve the community and businesses on the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas.

Beginning this fall, Western’s College of Business and Economics will offer a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program at the newly created WWU Center at Olympic College in Poulsbo. The program is designed to prepare students for leadership roles in business and the community.

Western’s Huxley College of the Environment degree programs are also expanding in Poulsbo, including the addition of a tenured faculty member added to the program earlier this month. The program currently serves students in Port Angeles, Bremerton, Poulsbo and Everett. Western is also discussing the possibility of adding a master’s degree in environmental management.

“Western Washington University is a strong institution with great vision and it is truly an honor to be partnering with them,” said Olympic College’s president, David Mitchell. “Moreover, partnerships such as this are crucial to developing new and innovative educational opportunities that better serve the diverse population of our community. These new programs along with the flexibility of the Poulsbo location will greatly broaden the horizons for individuals and businesses that call Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas their home.”

Western Washington University President Bruce Shepard agreed, saying, “Though Western has been active in Poulsbo for some time, we are very excited about the new opportunities that this partnership with Olympic College creates for the citizens of Kitsap County and the Olympic Peninsula as a whole.”

The video will be presented at KEDA’s Jan. 29 Decision Makers Breakfast and Economic Forecast event. It is one of 13 videos in the Kitsap Connected campaign that was launched at last year’s Decision Makers Breakfast. A review of the campaign’s impact and reach, along with a presentation on digital marketing for economic development, will be on the agenda 2014 breakfast.

Additional event information and registration for the Decision Makers Breakfast can be found at kitsapeda.org.

Collaboration and all of the Kitsap Connected videos can be viewed at kitsapconnected.org.

For more information on the Western Washington University Center at Olympic College in Poulsbo, visit www.wwu.edu/poulsbo.

Contact Theresa Mangrum at Mangrum [at] kitsapeda [dot] org or 360-377-9499 for additional information.

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