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Keating named BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer

BoardSource, a national organization that provides support and training for nonprofits, has announced that Doña Keating of Bainbridge Island has been named a Certified Governance Trainer (CGT). Keating was part of a group of 24 international experts invited to participate, and joined this select group of expert trainers that begins with completing a rigorous application process, exclusive professional development, and a certification course. Keating is the first and only CGT who is certified to deliver BoardSource’s nonprofit governance trainings in the Pacific Northwest region and Alaska.

For nearly 25 years, BoardSource has been supporting and promoting excellence in nonprofit board service by providing cutting-edge thinking and resources on board effectiveness and by engaging and developing the next generation of board leaders. The Certified Governance Trainers are proficient in board governance topics, advanced facilitation techniques, and the BoardSource training methodology.

Keating is now certified to offer governance training for nonprofit organizations using BoardSource-approved curriculum in the following areas: roles and responsibilities of nonprofit boards, board-staff partnership, board structure, board’s role in fundraising, the board-building cycle, and board performance assessment.

Keating is president and CEO of Professional Options. Her management consulting practice is focused on policy, strategy and leadership, and offers strategic consultancy missions and nonprofit and corporate executive board facilitation.

“I have used and referred clients to BoardSource curriculum and materials for decades, and am pleased my training will further enable me to continue offering highly recognized and proven techniques and best practices to advance the nonprofit ecosystem,” Keating said.

To learn more about these trainings or to schedule one, call Keating at 360.792.9100 or visit www.professionaloptions.com.

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