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Seattle-based marijuana company hires executive from Bainbridge firm

SEATTLE — Prohibition Brands Inc, a new Seattle-based marijuana research and development firm, has announced the hiring of James Stapleton as chief financial officer. Stapleton has been CFO of Bainbridge Island-based Ozone International since August 2012, and before then had held the same position at Jones Soda Co. in Seattle.

Prohibition Brands, which registered as a corporation in Washington in September, also announced the hiring of chief operating officer Roger Adami, formerly principal scientist at Phizer Pharmaceuticals. The company additionally has acquired the advising services of James Arkebauer, a Denver-based venture capitalist and IPO expert.

Stapleton has served since 2008 as a consultant and advisor to small publicly traded companies and private companies and has participated in strategic business consulting, due diligence reviews for investors, and financial advising.

“Prohibition Brands is extremely excited to have assembled such a high quality group of individuals to form the base of this new venture. They establish a high level of professionalism, corporate responsibility, top-notch research, financial expertise, and entrepreneurial experience to give us a strong competitive advantage as this new market unveils itself,” company president Brian Laoruangroch said in a news release.

Prohibition Brands manufactures marijuana pharmaceutical solutions and commercial marijuana consumer product goods. The group plans to apply for an I-502 license in Washington state and hopes to open an operation in Colorado by summer 2015. Washington and Colorado are the only states in the U.S. where adult recreational use of marijuana has been legalized.

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