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Kilmer will forgo his pay during a government shutdown

In the event that the House and Senate don’t reach a compromise by Oct. 1 on legislation to keep federal agencies funded, Rep. Derek Kilmer (D-Wash.) announced that he will give up his pay for the duration of a government shutdown.

“I am dead set against a government shutdown because it will have serious effects on our economy and because many people rely on services provided by federal agencies,” Kilmer said in a news release issued Sept. 30. “I believe in leading by example — if Congress can’t get its act together to stop a government shutdown, then I don’t believe members of Congress should be paid. That’s why today I’m announcing I will give up my pay for the duration of a government shutdown.”

The freshman congressman from Gig Harbor also said in his news release that “The fact that some in Congress would risk a shutdown in order to score political points demonstrates why Congress is currently held in lower regard than head lice. Should the government shut down, I will give up my pay to lead by example in the hopes that Congress will stop the dysfunction, stop the self-imposed crises, and start working on a balanced, bipartisan, long-term budget.”

One of Kilmer’s first actions in Congress was to break with members of his party to vote for a plan called No Budget, No Pay — a plan that would withhold pay from members of Congress if Congress doesn’t pass a budget.

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