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State's health exchange introduces Chance, the face of a $13 million ad buy

A cheerful little girl named Chance will soon be ubiquitous in Washington state, reminding everyone just how unpredictable and terrifying life can be at times — especially without health insurance.

Chance is the new character created to promote the state’s health exchange, an online insurance marketplace call the Healthplanfinder.

In TV and web ads, she will personify the risk of going without health insurance. The videos will show people in everyday situations taking a chance with their health — including a snowboarder about to bail out on a jump and a woman who has a near miss in a raccoon attack.

In each case, Chance cheerfully plays a card game or rock, paper, scissors to determine their fate. Not unlike a character from “The Twilight Zone,” she can turn up any time, any place.

The tagline: “Don’t leave it to Chance.”

Billboards, print and other ads will show a skateboarder about to biff it, a woman on a ferry being attacked by seagulls and a man about to have a serious home improvement mishap with a nail gun, among other disasters.

Washington, D.C.-based GMMB designed the ads, which will run through next year. The campaign is going to account for $13 million of the $26 million, 18-month budget to advertise the exchange.

TV advertising is slated to start appearing in September.

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