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2013 Chevrolet SparkMODEL TESTED

  • 2013 Chevrolet Spark 2lt 4dr Sedan


  • 1.2-Liter 4-Cylinder, 84-Hp, 83 Lb/Ft


  • 5-Speed Manual (With Hill Hold), Front Wheel Drive

EPA RATINGS     read more »


2013 Nissan AltimaAfter four highly successful generations, the venerable Nissan Altima enters its fifth generation as a totally new vehicle for 2013. Boasting a combination of innovative mechanical improvements, painstakingly tuned ride and handling, coupled with advanced cockpit connectivity and sleek styling, the 2013 Altima feels and drives like it’s in a class above its crowded midsize segment. read more »


2013 Honda CR-VMost SUV owners rarely venture off paved roads. Their vehicles are far more capable than the conditions owners encounter. So, what we really have are multipurpose vehicles that have the ability to handle rare extreme driving conditions, but seldom do. On an everyday basis SUVs are contemporary station wagons.

This reality is ideal for compact sport utility vehicles and crossovers like the just right sized 2013 Honda CR-V. read more »


2013 Cadillac ATSA four-cylinder Cadillac sedan sounds like a risky move for a brand known for luxury and indeed it was the last time they tried it. The 1980’s Cadillac Cimarron was a mechanical and sales disaster, but the all-new 2013 Cadillac ATS is so far removed that the only real similarities are four doors and a Cadillac nameplate. read more »


2014 Kia SorentoThe popular Kia Sorento, Kia’s flagship SUV, has received a major update for the 2014 model year. It could be viewed as a mid-cycle refresh, although Kia marketeers are careful not to use the term “all new,” the Sorento sports about 80 percent new and/or re-engineered content, with a list of revisions much more extensive than the usual mid-cycle facelift. read more »


2013 Volvo S60The Pacific Northwest has a strong Scandinavian heritage with many Nordic influenced communities. It’s no surprise that Swedish automobiles have always been popular here. A survey of Port Townsend back alleys might lead to the conclusion that this is where old Volvos retire. Newer ones are well represented throughout the region.

Volvo SUVs have taken place of the once ubiquitous Volvo wagons, but not everyone needs to haul large items from IKEA. Volvo sedans are excellent choices for people more interested in comfort than cargo capacity. read more »


2013 Kia SoulNo matter how you feel about those rapping wannabe gangsta hamsters, the 2013 Kia Soul offers an interesting mix of good looks, technology, functionality, efficiency and refinement, in an incredibly affordable package, and does it in a way that attracts a wider spectrum of buyers than those hamsters are aiming for. read more »


2013 Honda AccordSport sedans have risen to positions of prominence and prestige formerly held by sport coupes, but that doesn’t mean sleek sports coupes are passé. The two-door body style is still highly desirable at the uppermost levels of the automotive spectrum and there has been a resurgence of two-door muscle cars such as the Mustang, Camaro, and Challenger. These are rear wheel drive cars. read more »


2013 Honda PilotThe 2013 Honda Pilot is the brand’s big rig SUV (although it’s considered a midsize) that can haul eight passengers in secure comfort in all kinds of weather. It’s available in six trim levels so it can be outfitted from functional to fancy.

The Pilot leans toward the sensible side of the SUV spectrum, which is great for most consumers. It excels at quality, spaciousness and excellent engineering rather than flash and bling. read more »

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