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Vivian Henderson

Oh! No! She’s back. In my view, the best thing that ever happened to Kitsap County government is the day Chris Endresen drove out of the parking lot for good. Endresen’s vindictive, “my way or the highway” manner will not fit in well at the Puget Sound Regional Council. Director of Economic Development?

This has got to be some kind of a joke.


“Who are these people?” I was recently asked that question as I was leaving a public meeting held by the Puget Sound Regional Council seeking public comment on their recently completed “Vision 2040 People — Prosperity — Planet.”

“Vision 2040 is about the region’s future.” This 100 page “Vision” lays out “policies” that will improve our region’s quality of life, and will balance “…individual rights with the larger needs and values of society. read more »


For 20 years I have been intimately involved in opposing government’s determination to control private property in Washington State. Bolstered by powerful environmental extremists, emboldened by each successful land grab, unelected bureaucrats — unfettered by our elected officials — are now regulating every square foot of private property in Kitsap County and throughout our state. In December 2005, Kitsap County adopted the Critical Areas Ordinance — one of the most onerous land use regulations in the country. read more »

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