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Tom Mccabe

So this is what it looks like when the extreme environmentalists get their way.

For two decades, enviros in our state have been striving to shut down homebuilding. No-growthers have argued, litigated, legislated, and lobbied for every law, regulation, tax and impact fee designed to stop homebuilders from building homes.

Enviro groups with righteous-sounding names like Futurewise and Earth First! Fight against virtually every single development and every single homebuilder. read more »


Politics in our left-wing state is often filled with irony and absurdity. Here are a few examples from this month: Why Are There No Challengers for the State Supreme Court? read more »


The current national debate on immigration reminded me once again how cowardly and hypocritical the no-growth movement is. No-growth environmentalists continually support new land use laws and regulations which make it more difficult to build houses. But yet, growth keeps occurring in our nation and our state. read more »


Where’s the outrage?” asks State Senator Don Benton. Where is the outrage directed at Governor Gary Locke, Attorney General Christine Gregoire, big labor unions and big corporations who conspired to stop votes from being counted? Not a few hundred votes where there were questions of validity , but 1.6 million votes for and against Referendum 53, the ballot measure which increased unemployment insurance taxes on small businesses to pay for a tax decrease for Boeing and Wal-mart. read more »

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