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Tim Eyman

I was disrespectful of Governor Gregoire when she signed Senate Bill 6130, gutting voter-approved I-960. I attended the public bill signing wearing a suit-and-tie and standing beside her, I held my nose with one hand and went thumbs down with the other for the official photo. Some found it offensive, others funny, some heroic. To me, it was just my way of peacefully protesting an enormous injustice.

The voters have three times approved initiatives requiring either two-thirds legislative approval or majority voter approval for tax increases. I-601 in 1993, R-49 in 1998, and I-960 in 2007. The people are being forced to pass it again and again because politicians keep refusing to abide by this voter-approved law. read more »


Let me start by thanking the 315,444 citizens who voluntarily signed I-1033’s petitions, as well as the thousands of volunteers who made that possible.

Here’s what we’re debating with I-1033: how fast should the government grow and who should decide? I-1033 takes the position that the public sector should grow no faster than the private sector (with some reasonable exceptions) and it should be the citizens, and not the politicians, who decide. read more »


We all have the opportunity to vote on I-960, the Taxpayer Protection Initiative, this November thanks to our thousands of supporters throughout the state who donating the dollars and gathered the 314,000+ voter signatures necessary to qualify it for the ballot. We all owe them our appreciation for working so hard to give the average taxpayer an equal voice in the process. read more »

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