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Shannon Childs
Kitsap Bank
Real Estate

Real Estate Market Stats 2013Isn’t it time for some good news about the economy? We think so! That’s why after six years in the economic doldrums, we are excited to see trends that show significant improvement in our Kitsap marketplace.

Collective wisdom says it was the housing market that led the downturn and that housing must lead the way back up again — and that seems to be the scenario emerging here. New home construction is experiencing a revival in Kitsap County. read more »


“What do businesses need from their banker?” and “What do bankers want from their business customers?” Good questions, given the current economic environment. To say we are living through unprecedented events would be an understatement. As a business owner you need to know you have a strong financial institution backing you up. As an employee of a local bank, I can tell you we are conducting business the same way today that we always have. read more »

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