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Scott Bosch
My Turn

Policymakers in Olympia are looking hard at every available dollar these days. And while that scrutiny is welcome, community members and business leaders need to make sure our policymakers are taking a long-term view of each decision they make.

Making cuts to early learning and development programs today will impact both individual children and our collective community in the years to come. Closing programs that prepare young children to enter kindergarten and our school systems will profoundly hurt us all. read more »


There is a growing sense of urgency surrounding the dental health of Washington’s children. In observance of Children’s Dental Health Month in February, we need to focus attention on increasing rates of dental disease among young children. We can’t afford to neglect this vital part of our children’s health.

Dental decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease — five times more common than asthma. Tooth decay is a significant health problem in Kitsap County, especially for low-income and minority preschoolers. read more »

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