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Rick Flaherty
Tax Planning

With a call to action by our nation’s military, the federal government and nearly all the states for businesses and innovators to bring truly disruptive innovations to the forefront — where is the capital to support this call?

Our banks won’t even consider a business loan that in the past was simply a matter of standard banking procedure. Today, banks can’t get out of the shadows of their own fear — cash-flow lending has taken on a whole new level of excuse for saying no to traditional type loan requests.

Bankers blame the Feds for the lack of lending saying they now have such strict compliance requirements that most loans will not the meet the technical audit demands of the FDIC or other banking regulators. Yet, we hear and read in the media that the Feds are telling the banks they need to loan more money to businesses. read more »


If I have ever been witness to a failed President, Mr. Obama takes first place in every category. Now, let’s get this straight — I’m talking about the ultimate prize for failure — not the coveted award for success. With his approval ratings plummeting almost daily (not much better for our Republican-controlled Congress) and his Administration’s complete lack of ability to manage job creation, the debt crisis, our country’s check book and facing international and our own cynicism here at home whenever he loathes the other side of the isle for everything that is wrong with America — we are witnessing the beginning and the end of “Yes we can!” read more »

It's time to say, "We're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more!

I gave a lot of thought whether to send this a an email to all my friends, family fellow business owners, mangers, and employees, or just send my letter to Starbuck’s CEO Howard Shultz, one of the few big-company CEO’s left in the U.S. with an ounce of chutzpa and the kahunas to take such a bold stand… and leave well-enough alone.

But it’s far past time to NOT take a stand, and so I stand with and alongside Howard Schultz. Off with the gloves — it is time to fight back with bare-knuckle verve and send a message to Congress and the President that playing Russian Roulette with our checkbook is not what we sent our elected representatives to Washington, DC to do. read more »

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