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Rachel La Corte
Associated Press|ap.org

OLYMPIA (AP) — The state Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously upheld a lower court’s ruling that says damages to be paid to part-time state employees who were wrongfully denied health benefits must take into account more than actual out-of-pocket costs.

The high court’s ruling sided with a class-action group’s stance on such damages, and it rejected the Washington Health Care Authority’s argument that the state should only pay for actual costs paid by class members during the time they were denied benefits. read more »


OLYMPIA (AP) — As Washington state prepares to issue the first licenses for marijuana retail stores, Gov. Jay Inslee and other state leaders on Tuesday announced steps the state is taking to keep pot out of the hands of minors, including making sure that marijuana-related labels aren’t attractive to kids. read more »


OLYMPIA — A House committee held a public hearing this week on a bill to tax medical marijuana dispensaries, an effort to undermine any black market when the sale of state-taxed recreational marijuana starts at the end of this year.

The measure would hit dispensaries with a tax equal to 25 percent of their sales of cannabis and cannabis-infused products.

The bill’s sponsors have said they’re trying to avoid a dual market — one taxed, one not — as the state moves toward a regulated system for the fledgling marijuana industry created by Initiative 502.

Voters in November approved the initiative that allows adults over 21 to have up to an ounce of pot. read more »

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