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Megan Nightingale

SpringThis spring when you go outdoors to enjoy the long-awaited colors and blooms, don’t forget the sounds of the season in your lovely garden or wood. Who doesn’t smile when the hummingbird hums its way to the feeder?

For me personally, my spring starts when I finally hear the haunting song of the Swainson’s thrush in the trees around our house. When people think of spring, landscapes usually come to mind — but hearing the soundscape is equally as important for a sense of wellbeing. Awareness of the sounds around us outdoors was once needed for our very survival. While this may not be as important as it once was, hearing the world around us well allows us to safely navigate our surroundings. read more »


There is a lot of evidence out there to remind us to stay active, moving and socializing. Physical fitness immediately comes to mind when we think of staying active, but staying mentally active is also equally as important, if not more so for long-term health benefits. It has been shown by researchers who study longevity that keeping connected to one’s family, home or work community is crucial to long-term mental health and can help us avoid a myriad of health issues such as dementia, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. There is now evidence that links hearing loss with the above mentioned chronic conditions. read more »


We would all like to live as long as we can and to be the healthiest we can be in the process. When we think of living a long time we often think of eating well and exercising as main contributors to a long life. However there are many aspects of growing older that can either enhance or inhibit our enjoyment of a long life.

In his book “the Blue Zones,” author Dan Buettner and his colleagues found that throughout the world, people who lived the longest had close communication with family, friends and their community. Staying in daily contact with family and friends was very important in almost every blue zone in the world and was found to be a key element of staying healthy and living long and meaningful lives. read more »

Retirement Lifestyles

Can any hearing aid offer the ability to hear in background noise? Will I ever be able to hear in a restaurant or at the ball game with all that excess noise? These are questions asked by most every patient I have had the pleasure to help hear better” says Dr. Megan Nightingale of Peninsula Hearing Inc. “I have asked myself that question many times because I wear hearing aids too. Then, last April I tested out a pair of Oticon Agil Pros and the difference is astonishing. However, my experience with them started out a bit rocky. read more »

Healthcare Quarterly

YES! Hearing Aids do work! Overall customer satisfaction with new hearing instruments nationally is 77 percent — placing hearing aids in the top third of products and services in the United States.

If this is true, why do most people with hearing loss feel they hear fine and don’t need help read more »


Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, has been around long enough for most everyone to know about it. We all have had times when we have heard a high pitched tone or buzz come on suddenly and just as suddenly go away. That is normal. Significant tinnitus however is usually constant and in some cases, debilitating. The bad news is that there is no magic pill that will cure tinnitus. read more »

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