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Maura Hallam Sweley

Born and raised in North Kitsap, Kevin Parnell’s construction experience goes all the way back to when he was 11 years old, and definitely runs in the family. read more »


From sales revenue, wages, taxes, and jobs — not to mention permit and impact fees — the business of construction in Kitsap County brings in a hefty sum of money each year.

Start with permits. According to Kitsap County’s Department of Community Development , actual building permit revenue for 2002 in Kitsap County was close to $1.4 million. In 2003 that figure went up more than $1 million, to nearly $2.6 million. Additional revenue is also generated from business license fees, B&O taxes, and so on. read more »


A court motion brought by several Bainbridge Island residents was unsuccessful in halting a condominium/hotel/retail complex development project on High School Road near Highway 305. Construction on the project, known as “Island Crossings,” began in July after both the Bainbridge Island hearing examiner and Superior Court Judge Leila Mills decided in favor of the developer and the city. read more »


A plywood sailboat brought Andy Mueller to Washington.

“I built a 26-foot Thunderbird sailboat and raced it in San Francisco Bay,” said Mueller. “We made it to the world championships the year they were held in Seattle. I fell in love with the area and stayed.”

Mueller, a native of the San Francisco Bay area, is a third-generation contractor. read more »


Cindy Baker joined Kitsap County’s Department of Community Development in November 2003 as the assistant director. Just a few months later she was thrust into the position of interim director when her boss and the man that hired her, Kamuron Gurol, resigned from his post, amid a plethora of rumors as to why. read more »


Don Drury founded the Drury Construction Company, Inc., a commercial and light industrial construction firm, on Bainbridge Island in 1972. A third-generation contractor, Drury got his start as an estimator working for his uncles’ firm, Mowat Brothers Constructions. read more »


When George Avila, president and CEO of Action Training Systems, attended the video production program at Portland, Oregon’s Portland Community College in 1979, his ambition was to be a wildlife videographer, traveling the wilds of Alaska, filming nature in action. Instead, his path took him a different way — or rather, several different ways. read more »


Things have changed at the Home Builders Association of Kitsap County. Ten years ago the organization was medium-sized, semi-disorganized, and politically nowhere. Today, its membership has nearly doubled, totaling almost 600 active builder and associate member firms, its office is as organized as any corporation, and it has evolved into a true political and social force in the county.

Much of this is due to the association’s executive vice president, Art Castle, who, for the last decade, has guided the local organization from a small-time, local group to a nationally recognized, forward-thinking association.

“Art’s got a great energy and passion for this industry and small business owners,” said Tom McCabe, executive vice president of the Building Industry of Washington . “I liked him the day I met him.”  read more »

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