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Mary Jo Juarez
PTAC Business Consultant

Are you a small business owner who wants to expand into working with the government? If so, you will want to start small by subcontracting with a Government Prime Contractor.   read more »


Government agencies frequently advertise for “Sources sought” – what does that mean? Should you bother responding to a sources sought when it doesn’t result in a contract? Isn’t this just a waste of government time and money? What is the government doing? read more »


You are registered in the System Award Management (SAM) and ready to sell! Who do you talk to? Who buys your products and services? How do you figure out where to go?

There are a variety of online sources and individuals who are willing to help you through the maze of determining the government agencies to approach. The Small Business Administration (SBA) has classes, counselors and networking events. The Washington State Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) offers a variety of classes, one-on-one counseling and outreach events. There are eight PTACs in the state, including the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance Center, all with counselors experienced in many areas of government contracting. You are welcome to work with more than one PTAC center as counselors have varying areas of expertise. read more »


Should I expand my business to include selling to the Navy? Do we have opportunities in our local area to sell to other government agencies? How much of an investment in money and time does this take? Can I be successful? Where do I start? These are some of the most common questions business owners ask when they visit the Kitsap Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC).

In Kitsap County, we live in a land of government contracting opportunities. We have multiple Navy bases and are within close proximity to Lewis-McChord, the Veterans Administration, GSA, NOAA, Army Corps of Engineers, Coast Guard, and many other agencies accessible by ferry or within driving distance. The Federal Government purchases everything — from ships to toilet paper. And they contract for services that range from professional engineering services to dogs for chasing geese off airfields. read more »

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