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Mark Johnson

I got my eyes opened wide this week during a Department of Revenue implementation meeting regarding new sales taxes on candy, gum, and bottled water.

Among those in attendance were Revenue staff members and grocers, wholesalers and convenience store reps. One main topic was a new list compiled by Revenue of candy items that will be subject to the sales tax as of June 1. read more »


I am disappointed that the Governor has decided to release a tax package that will guarantee the loss of existing jobs and prevent the creation of new jobs in retail and other industries.

As our state nears the 10 percent unemployment mark, we should be doing everything we can to create jobs and help existing businesses retain their current employees. My greatest fear is that this proposal is setting us up for a double-dip recession. read more »


The Department of Ecology and the Puget Sound Partnership met with Washington Retail Association (WRA) and industry representatives to discuss proposed legislation to limit the use of copper in vehicle brake pads. There is concern that the copper contained in many vehicle brake pads is ending up in waterways and in particular, harming salmon. read more »

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