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Marcia Abrams

Long gone are the days of keeping your pets at home while you and your family enjoy lavish vacations in other countries. If your pet isn’t already going on your annual family vacation with you, then it’s on its own vacation at a pet lodge or a doggie daycare.

Pets today have moved up on our lists of things that are important, landing right under family and before friends. read more »


The Comfort Inn & Suites, located at the top of Kitsap Way in West Bremerton, will be opening its doors sometime this month. The hillside landmark was formerly known as the Bremerton Hotel, and before that it was a Howard Johnson franchise. Some longtime residents may remember that it was constructed by the late Joe Mentor and originally opened as a Holiday Inn in the 1970s.

In the past year and a half, the hotel has undergone a major remodeling, with new ownership and an entirely new look. read more »


Although delayed by the usual Northwest weather and the nationwide real estate slump, the Harborside Condominiums are moving steadily forward on the same path they started on. Unlike their neighbors, The 400, the developer, the Kitsap County Consolidated Housing Authority has no intentions of putting these units up for auction. read more »


There are over 12,000 collegiate students on the Kitsap Peninsula, some of whom will need an internship to graduate. Internships are temporary job positions where students gain practical experience in their specific field of study. Although a degree acknowledges a student’s knowledge of a subject, it is experience that many businesses seek. “Internships provide a chance to practice skills to learn about the workplace culture,” says Teresa McDermott, director for work-integrated learning and worker retraining at Olympic College . read more »


Olympic Printer Resources Inc. President Pete DeBoer and Vice President Jeff Peterson are supporting the new trend of living “green.” That’s why their Kingston-based company is responsible for keeping 13 tons of plastic from the landfills and collecting over 70 tons of electric waste for recycling. The company is also certified as a Green Works Company by Kitsap County. “We’re big in recycling…very green oriented,” Peterson said. read more »


Pamela Guardino Pamela Guardino and her company, B&P Consort Inc., has been operating on the Kitsap Peninsula for 12 years. The company started out as a one-woman operation for the first three years. Now the procurement business has five employees and supplies to the federal government and prime contractors. The Silverdale-based business does service nationally and internationally to Europe, Guam, Japan and Saudi Arabia. read more »

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