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Lisa Vaas

Jason Harbert was a terrible spammer.

The research scientist for Cloudmark recently spent weeks monitoring the phishing community’s chat rooms and forums, learned the lingo, earned some trust, and even received kits from the fraudsters who set up scam pages that steal victims’ personal data. Then he went and hurt the criminals’ feelings after not coming through on the spam delivery. read more »


iPhone hackers are on the cusp of not only being able to write programs for the phone but also finding a way to cut the device’s tether to Cingular’s service plans.

According to one of the group of hackers who are working collaboratively via wiki and #iphone IRC channel, one of the last major hurdles has been the lack of a high-quality ARM assembler tailored for the iPhone. That missing link as of the afternoon of July 16 had been developed to the pre-alpha stage. read more »

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