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Linda Thomson

What type of insurance does a business need? “It depends,” begins Tim Quigley, “on the type of business you are.” The Safeco representative in Bremerton, says, “Talk with your agent. Things are not all the same,” and there may be special programs for specific trades.

Kim Hall, of Alfred Interwest Insurance of Port Orchard, begins with general liability as essential for a business. Liability covers what you are legally liable for when injury or damage is caused by the operation of the business, she explains. read more »


Artistic expression comes in many packages, and you could put one under someone’s tree this year.

The Amy Burnett Gallery in downtown Bremerton is part of the city’s designated official arts district, Burnett indicates. With over half a dozen galleries and three museums, complete with gift shops, the arts district is a great place to find gifts for others, for the home or for the office. read more »


Looking for an amazing gadget or gizmo for that certain recipient? There are many from which to choose, and the price range is broad. You may want to pre-shop on the Internet, but go in person to Radio Shack, one of your local gadget stores, and see them for yourself. The Kitsap Mall’s store manager Ryan Jijna suggests many products to combine practicality and that “wow” factor. read more »


The gift of travel can be the perfect item to place in a stocking or under the tree this year. Leanne Swanson Sanchez, owner of Hood Canal Travel in Belfair, has some grand ideas to share as destinations.

First up, Sanchez recommends a ski trip to Switzerland. For around $2,000 per person, folks could get their round trip, spend seven nights in Swiss chalets, pay for lift tickets, breakfast and train fare. Sanchez says traveling for a week of skiing in Switzerland is cheaper than going to Colorado. And it is much more unique. Booking a trip off-season saves a bit, too. read more »


Everyone at work has exchanged names, and now you have a $20 limit to buy a holiday gift, but what? Here are some idea-starters.

A nice picture frame would work, or have a special photo enlarged and framed. You could get $20 in lottery tickets, a gift basket of jams, coasters or a decorative throw rug. Radio Shack has a 12-inch piggybank that looks like a battery filled with lots of real AA and AAA batteries. read more »


“I think we can help you.” Those refreshing words from Jim Patterson, CEO of Five Star Environmental Solutions, Inc. became the turning point in the expansion of Kitsap Lake Baptist Church in West Bremerton.

The growing church had decided to upgrade and expand its building, originally built in 1952. With the addition of 3,600 square feet, another septic system was not going to work on the 1.8-acre parcel. Their only known option was to connect to the city’s sewer system, which came with a high price tag. read more »


Prewiring your home for broadband capability during construction can help you meet the future without tearing out your walls or emptying your wallet. The future may come sooner than you think! Broadband is rapidly becoming an expected part of the infrastructure of a home.

Al Timm, an electrician with Olympic Wiring of Silverdale, says they prewire homes for all capabilities for future expansion. Using two CAT-5 e and two RG-6 wires, plus installing a structured media panel, will give freedom to add modules at a later date, Timm elaborates. read more »


Nursing is a multi-faceted career that is both challenging and rewarding, and right now and into the foreseeable future, nurses are in high demand. read more »


How can you know if you are getting enough nutrition from the fruits and vegetables you eat? What if you are lacking in those all-important antioxidants?

Using laser technology, the brand-new BioPhotonic Scanner gives a read-out of your antioxidant score, using a non-invasive method. In other words, you don’t have to bleed or be stuck with a needle or contribute a urine sample. This method has been deemed safe for people of all ages, and is totally pain-free. read more »

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