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Linda Thomson

Jane Fraser is an insurance agent, specializing in health insurance. Through her firm, Fraser Consulting Services, LLC, she does outreach in person, and acquires new clients by word of mouth and networking. The lady with the English accent is memorable to business owners who have encountered her when she comes calling, leaving her business card behind.

Harsh economic realities in England brought Jane, her husband and their young children to the United States in 1980. read more »


Kim Olsen is co-owner, with her husband Bill, of Hood Canal Custom Interiors in Belfair. She started out working for her dad in his drapery business in Bellevue in 1969 while she was still in high school. Right from the beginning, she was given responsibilities such as selling fabric, payroll and other bookkeeping duties.

Eventually, she became the manager.

After she and Bill moved to the West Sound area, he decided to get into the shade business. Her years of experience dovetailed nicely with his new business direction. read more »


Do you need a makeover? Jeannee Renee’s Salon in Silverdale may not be able to schedule you as soon as you want, but according to owner Jeannee Renee Brown, any wait will be worth it!

Throughout 31 years in the beauty business, she’s stayed up with the latest trends, fashions and styles by ongoing education and a passion for her work. read more »


Laura Mitchell opened Curves for Women in Silverdale in March of 2002. She figured she would probably start with about 30 women and hoped to have 90 by the end of the year. Well, it has been three years now, and she’s got some 1,000 members in Silverdale. Further, within that same year, she opened Curves outlets in Port Orchard and Belfair. Between the three sites, there are around 2,500 members. read more »


When is senior day care an option to consider? Seniors might need the activity and social level not available at home. On the other side, caregivers are certainly entitled to take time to care for their own needs, such as getting a haircut, paying bills, attending a school concert, or even taking a vacation.

Looking under “Day Care — Adult” in the yellow pages, one finds a variety of programs in the local area. read more »


Dementia is a scary word. Alzheimer’s Disease frightens us. But folks should definitely go to a physician with concerns regarding memory, thinking skills or changes in behavior. A number of tests may be done to discover or eliminate causes.

Once a diagnosis of some sort of dementia has been given, the patient may live up to 20 years more, although eight is the average, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. Therefore, the sooner the diagnosis is made, the better, so plans for the future can be put into place. read more »


Senior citizens and computers can be a very compatible mix. For some, it may be a continuation of a skill learned at work, whereas for others, it can be a brand new experience. read more »


Approximately 30 million people in the United States have some degree of hearing loss. Four out of five Americans over age 55 have a hearing deficiency. Chances are, if your hearing is fine, you know someone who needs hearing assistance. read more »


PNWT President Chris Rieland presents a check for $10,000 to Larry Eyer, executive director of Kitsap Community Resources

Silverdale-based Pacific Northwest Title Company of Kitsap County works for people involved in the purchase of homes. read more »

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