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Linda Thomson

How much insurance does a business really need, anyway?

Jason Mayer, marketing manager for Edgren Hecker & Lemmon Insurance in Poulsbo says the most important thing a business owner needs is a good agent. “It should be someone who tracks and understands the insurance industry. Things change very rapidly,” he says.

Legally, a business may not be required to have insurance. Lending institutions may require liability and other insurance. read more »


Things are changing and evolving in the healthcare insurance world.

Health Savings Accounts are tax-sheltered accounts dedicated to medical expenses, which can be accessed by check or debit cards for medical bills and insurance costs. Any balance at the end of the year carries over in your name.

In addition to HSAs, there are Flexible Spending Accounts of pre-taxed money deducted from your paycheck for insurance premiums and un-reimbursed medical expenses. Employers may contribute to FSAs.

Health Reimbursement Accounts are similar, but fully employer-sponsored. read more »


If you have a desire to take up golf, this is a great time to get started. Take the advice of these local PGA golf professionals who want to help you learn the game they love. read more »


You know that nasty-looking artificial turf you see on some football fields, or so-called indoor-outdoor carpet that makes you think of a really bad toupee because it’s so obviously fake? Well, that is not at all what artificial putting greens or lawns look like that are being expertly installed by GolfScape NorthWest. read more »


Classique Care Wash & Auto Detail in Silverdale continues to offer superb service to its many customers. With the current and ongoing expansion, those customers can now have an even more enjoyable experience while they wait for their vehicle to come out sparkling clean.

A new coffee house on the property will be up and running very soon. It’ll be a great place to hang out, sipping a favorite beverage, perhaps indulging in a hard-scoop ice cream waffle cone or any of a number of delicious items on the menu. read more »


When disaster strikes, in whatever way it may, it is good to feel useful. Immediately after September 11, many people had a desire to serve. Through the coordinated efforts of Citizen Corps, under the federal Department of Homeland Security, every citizen has an opportunity to help. Kitsap’s Citizen Corps was just launched late last month. read more »


Having access to money means having access to your banker. Knowing that person is a critical key to that access. read more »


One way to generate income is to refinance your home. A person can refinance their primary residence to invest in rental property. Now that interest rates are low and real estate is appreciating rapidly, this is one way to increase your income for an elevated lifestyle now, or for added income in your retirement years. read more »


Laura Mitchell opened Curves for Women in Silverdale in March of 2002. She figured she would probably start with about 30 women and hoped to have 90 by the end of the year. Well, it has been three years now, and she’s got some 1,000 members in Silverdale. Further, within that same year, she opened Curves outlets in Port Orchard and Belfair. Between the three sites, there are around 2,500 members. read more »

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