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Kol Medina
Kitsap Community Foundation|kitsapfoundation.org

On May 6, 2014, our community created the largest day of charity ever in its history – the Kitsap Great Give.  On that day, over 2,000 people made donations to 200 local nonprofits totaling almost $540,000.  When you include the money donated by sponsors of the Great Give, the total amount of money raised for nonprofits was nearly $650,000!  We at Kitsap Community Foundation are grateful that the community allowed us to produce this amazing event. read more »

Charities And Philanthropy

My heart starts to beat a little faster as I see the mailman stop at our box and then continue down the road. It’s that time of year, the time when the nonprofit organization I work at mails its first year-end fundraising appeal and hopes that people respond by mailing back donations.

I’m out the door, my feet crunching on gravel as I march to the mailbox. “Will anyone respond to our mailing?” I wonder. I take a deep breath and open the mailbox. To my great delight and relief, I see a stack of 10 or so of our return envelopes mixed in with the regular mail.

Back in my office, I open the envelopes and find myself tearing up a bit. Why tears? It’s not because of the $500 donation that someone mailed us. Rather, one of the envelopes contained a check for $10. read more »

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