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Ken Sethney

Let me begin by saying that I have tremendous respect for sales people. They have an extremely difficult and vitally important job. When they are successful, everyone wins — customers, owners, managers, widget makers, support staff, and consultants.

Therefore, it is in everyone’s interest that sales people are given the support, encouragement and tools they need to succeed. To that end, I offer the following strategies for increasing sales productivity. When they are successfully implemented, your customers and everyone in your organization will benefit. read more »


You are a very busy person. But let’s say you have enough time to mentor one struggling entrepreneur. Which one would you choose to help?

Start-up venture, partners fresh out of college, they have a big idea but no funding, no customers, no business plan, and no experience running a business.

Existing company, five years in business, 10 employees, steady revenue, good product mix, repeat customers, and a vision for taking company to the next level.

I’ve been working with a group of experienced business and professional people to help Kitsap business owners take their companies to the next level, whatever that looks like to them. It’s a combination of two successful models I’ve been involved with in the past, tailored to the needs of existing small to midsize companies. read more »


An effective sales manager juggles many balls in fulfilling his responsibility to the company, but perhaps nothing is more important than his willingness to get out “in the field” with the sales team itself. According to Vistage sales management experts John Asher, Jack Daily and Paul Goldner, sales managers can exert great influence and provide vital guidance during field calls with their salespeople.

“As the world grows more complex and reliant upon technology, the need for the personal touch has never been greater,” Daly says. read more »

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