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Kathy Cocus

Fact: Defense is Kitsap’s economic foundation, fueling more than 50 percent of our economy.

Fact: Sequestration and continuing resolutions have created a negative impact on defense funding.

It is with these facts in mind that the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance and Pacific NW Defense Coalition present the fifth annual Pacific NW Defense Symposium on Sept. 24-25. This is the annual event where defense contractors, defense decision-makers and consultants “in the know” gather to share and hear information from the D.C. beltway, learn about specific topics in the defense industry and most importantly, make new contacts with like-minded leaders from throughout the region and northwest. read more »


Several weeks ago, KEDC staff members conducted telephone interviews with economic development officials in nine communities with speedways that host one or more NEXTEL cup races. The purpose of the phone calls was to ascertain the economic development impact that these speedways and NASCAR races have on their respective communities.

We sorted the speedway communities into three ownership categories — six that are owned by International Speedway Corporation ; two owned by Speedway Motorsports Inc. ; and one controlled by the Mattioli family. The communities contacted include: read more »


Business retention/expansion and business attraction/recruitment are the two major categories of economic development work in relation to companies. Both require basic product and community development. Last month we talked about setting the table for economic development with a comprehensive website, an active business retention and expansion program, local and regional partnerships, product development and working relationships with workforce development and education partners. read more »


I recently attended Entrepreneur University, held at the University of Washington and came away with a renewed respect for all entrepreneurs. Hearing experienced and successful entrepreneurs share their stories is inspiring. These are individuals who persisted with that great idea until funding and customers created a profitable company. read more »


What do Gold Mountain Golf Complex, McCormick Woods and Trophy Lake Golf & Casting have in common — besides the obvious answer of golfing? All three public courses draw golfers from the Puget Sound Region, with an average of 60 percent of golf greens revenues coming from outside Kitsap County. Competitive greens fees and challenging courses make our courses a desirable golfing destination for area golfers. Scott Alexander, of the Gold Mountain Golf Complex, notes that golfing at Kitsap golf courses is part of an experience that you don’t get in the urban settings. read more »

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