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Jennifer Hayes
Companies get creative to transform buildings in wake of retail vacancies

The exterior of the Harrison office building, which used to be a Michaels craft store.When Harrison Medical Center wanted to relocate its support services such as human resources and payroll from its cramped Bremerton campus, the organization made an unusual choice. Instead of breaking ground on new construction or leasing existing office space, the hospital system redesigned a building formerly used as a go-cart track and Michael’s craft store.  read more »

A $1.1 million investment already paying dividends, operator says

By Jennifer Hayes KPBJ contributor  read more »


An important part of a nurse’s education is clinical training — time when nursing students see and treat real patients in a supervised environment, to give them important first-hand clinical experience. But finding sufficient clinical placements for student nurses is an ongoing challenge, and one that Olympic College’s nursing program is all too familiar with. read more »

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