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Frank Kenny

There is an old story, shared by personal development pioneer and radio legend Earl Nightingale, about a fellow that said to his woodstove, “Give me heat. Then I will put in some wood.”

Of course, the fellow never did get any heat from that woodstove.

He simply didn’t understand one of the key rules of life; one must put wood in first and then the stove will return heat. As it concerns social media, far too many people expect to see positive results from social media before they have put in the wood, or in this case, valuable content. read more »


Seems like everyone today is interested in learning more about Internet social networking. For some people, interacting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites is fun and just seems to come naturally. They quickly realized the value and understood almost instinctively how to make the most of these new tools. Others seem to be more cautious and are choosing just to dip in a toe to see what all the excitement is about. Another group seems to be coming in kicking and screaming. They don’t really see the value and don’t get the rules of the game. read more »

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