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Eugenie Jones
Smarts & Solutions

Time is a formidable adversary. It moves forward regardless of whether we keep pace or not. It marks our maturity, measures our growth or the lack thereof, and of course it serves as a persistent reminder that while it goes on and on — we do not.

For now, thankfully, we are here, celebrating the beginning of a New Year with resolutions, goals we’ve set to achieve in 2010. read more »

Smarts & Solutions

Deciding to exercise is one thing; knowing what type of exercise to do is another. Should you walk, run, do weights, take a yoga class?

With the holidays behind and a New Year ahead, this is the time of year that many exercisers are working out to lose weight. And the best workout toward that end can be summed up in two words: fat burning! read more »

Smarts & Solutions

Hitting the bottom of the barrel is a sentiment we are all familiar with and one we would like to avoid experiencing. Now simply used as a idiomatic turn on a phrase — times were when “the bottom of the barrel” was a reference to the fruit no one wanted — perceived as being bruised and spoiled — because it had sat at the bottom under the weight of all the fruit that lie on top. read more »

Smarts & Solutions

It’s that time of year again. Start breaking out the Echinacea, the portable hand sanitizer, and don’t forget the tissues.

Yes, an over-abundance of sniffling, coughing, sore throat and sneezing, point to fact that the cold and flu season has arrived. Its emergence stirs not only the quandary between choosing regular or lotion tissues, but also has exercisers asking, “Should I workout or should I take it easy?” read more »

Smarts & Solutions

With a recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics unemployment rate reported at 9.7 percent, many of us have first-hand experience with the crunch of stiffer competition in the job market. It’s harder and it takes longer to secure the positions we desire.

That 9.7 percent unemployment rate translates to nearly 15 percent of the American population being unemployed. Let’s not, however, too quickly lose sight of the fact that conversely that 9.7 percent means that over 90 percent of us are employed. read more »


You might not like it, but if you work in an office, chances are good that you spend a large part of your day chained to your desk. Figuratively speaking of course, but literally after eight hours in the same spot typing, looking at a computer screen, pouring over paperwork, and/or talking on the phone your body can really ache.

And according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, a lot of us are aching. Data reported to the Bureau indicates that work-related musculoskeletal disorders are on the rise, accounting for more than one-third of all occupational injuries. read more »


Remember the days when you could eat anything in sight without gaining an inch? With a few years under your belt , you may now feel that merely being in the same room with chocolate cake makes you fat.

Oh what we wouldn’t give for those youthful-faster-metabolism-days gone by — and give we do. Americans spend millions on dietary supplements each year. read more »


You would think something that is such a integral part of our existence would come a little easier to us, but such is not the case. To the average person change is disconcerting, dramatic, and simply unwelcomed.

We live and find comfort in our individual versions of here and now, while those things new and different are painful transitions into the unknown.

Indifferent to our discomfort levels however, change relentlessly intrudes upon our lives, making our personal, spiritual and professional success contingent upon how well we respond to, manage and grow in spite of it. read more »


As you enter a room for that all-important interview, exchange greetings with a potential client for the very first time, or attend social events ripe with business opportunity, what indelible image - what professional persona - do you project?

It’s human nature, after all, for others to evaluate you when meeting for the very first time. read more »

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