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Eric Pfanner
The New York Times|nytimes.com

TOKYO — Finally, hydrogen-powered cars are being readied for their Prius moment — at least, that is what promoters of the environmentally friendly technology hope.

Toyota, maker of the Prius, the first hybrid vehicle to achieve mass-market acceptance, unveiled a concept version Nov. 21 of a hydrogen fuel-cell car it plans to begin selling “around 2015,” as the company put it.

The bright blue sedan is shaped like a drop of water to emphasize that water is the only substance hydrogen-powered cars emit from their tailpipes.

The car, which Toyota calls the FCV concept, was one of several vehicles with alternative powertrains to take the spotlight at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opened to reporters Nov. 21. read more »


PARIS — Starbucks has offered to pay about 10 million pounds ($16 million) a year in corporate taxes in Britain — or 10 million pounds more than it paid last year — in an effort to defuse protests against its lack of contributions to public coffers at a time when ordinary taxpayers faced the effects of government spending cuts.

“I am announcing changes, which will result in Starbucks paying higher corporation tax in the U.K. - above what is currently required by law,” Kris Engskov, managing director of Starbucks in Britain, said during a Dec. 5 speech to the London Chamber of Commerce.

Starbucks said in 2013 and 2014 it would refrain from claiming certain tax deductions that helped reduce its tax bill to zero in Britain during the past three years. read more »

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