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Donald Creech
Wealth And Estate Planning

Social Security is the “third rail” of American politics warning any politician brave (or stupid) enough to touch it they will be ousted from office. The same could certainly be said of Social Security’s sister program, Medicare. With Boomers in or nearing retirement, taxpayers are rightly concerned about rising health costs. Many are questioning whether Medicare will be available when they need it, though no proposal affects anyone over age 55.

Regardless of the political consequences, Medicare has become a major issue in this year’s presidential campaign with the selection of Paul Ryan as the vice president candidate on the GOP ticket.

Ryan’s proposals for Medicare are interesting, if for no other reason because they have started a long overdue debate. The future of a program that tens of millions of Americans will depend upon in the decades ahead needs an abnormal amount of clarity from Congress. read more »


Ever since the IBM-PC replaced my first computer, I have generally been an early adopter of software and hardware. New technology has usually been an enhancement to business and family life. However, a recent stop in a mini-mart caught me off guard as I watched the young teenager ahead of me. He had his snacks on the counter and was on his cell phone. What I thought was an inconsiderate time to make a phone call was actually a transfer of funds to the store’s cash register. The clerk said, “Thanks. I have it.” The kid smiled, grabbed his candy and left. read more »


Investors were twisting in the wind last summer waiting for QE2, which was to promote investor confidence and consumption from the implied “wealth effect” of higher portfolio statements. Did that work? Not so much.

Not only have we not had significant increase in consumer spending, our job loss is greater than imagined, whether a few months or a few years ago. The Fed and our politicians generally believe giving money to people will generate spending that will generate a growing need for employees creating a self-sustaining reinforcing cycle. Much to their surprise, the cycle seems to be more of whirlpool from which there is little escape. read more »


More often than not, the intertwined complexities of taxation and finance create a need for professional help in designing and maintaining an effective financial strategy. Making quality financial decisions requires an ample commitment to learning and research. read more »


When you Google “Follow the money,” you get more than 37 million references. It seems that most everyone understands that the money trail provides answers that weren’t obvious or previously disclosed. Most references seem political whether US or foreign. However, today businesses are adding a new dimension to the old adage and investors should be paying attention. read more »

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