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Derek Kilmer
U.S. Representative

As someone who worked in economic development for a decade, I know the importance of homebuilding and real estate. Both industries were hit hard in our economic collapse and their recovery should be a key part of our overall economic recovery strategy.

There’s some hope that we’re starting to turn the corner. In March, home ownership hit a 17-year low, but year-to-year home prices saw the biggest gain in seven years. And the National Association of Realtors says prices are up in 133 of 150 metro areas.

However, even with those positive signs, there’s a lot of work to do. Among other things, let me mention three things our country needs to do to get the economy — and specifically the real estate and homebuilding industries — back on track. read more »


Earlier this year I spoke with a friend who owns a small business. I could hear the pain in her voice as she explained that, after months of struggling, she was going to have to let some of her staff go.

I thought about her — and her employees — a lot during the 105-day legislative session.

Times are tough, and while much of the press attention has been on the state’s budget shortfall, we’ve also focused on laying the groundwork to create jobs and revive our economy. Despite some gloomy economic news, we’re making progress.

Helping workers and employers read more »

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