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David R Porter

Organization Development is a planned, systematic change process in which behavioral science principles and practices are used to increase productivity and improve workplace quality. It has application in a wide variety of organizations, public and private, large and small. OD interventions can help companies transform their organization cultures so that people move faster, achieve more, and spend less time on things that do not add value. read more »

If you don't know where you are going, you might end up somewhere else.


Strategic Planning is a management tool that can be used to focus the organization’s energy and resources; to ensure that members are working towards the same goals and objectives; and to assess and adjust the organization’s direction in response to changing environments. Although disciplined and rational in its construct, strategic planning is as much art as it is science. read more »


Sample Job Growth CY2004 CY2005 Total Net Job Growth 2,043 1,857 Public Sector 997 1,170 Private Sector
Retail and Service 537 404 Manufacturing,
Technical and
Professional Services 509 283 There is a running joke among economic development professionals that we “shoot at everything that flies overhead and take credit for anything that falls to the ground.” I believe that we should only take credit where there is a record of engagement with a prospect or client. If our “fingerprints” are on it, we can take some credit for helping to attract or advance the subject case. read more »

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