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David P. Schulz
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Companies With Top Sustained Sales GrowthMaintaining sales growth such that they’ve qualified for STORES’ Hot 100 Retailers each year since the list’s inception in 2006 is a challenge met by only 10 companies or chains. Some of these retailers, like Dick’s Sporting Goods and PetSmart, are dominant in their chosen corner of retailing; some, like Tractor Supply Co., are virtually a niche unto themselves. read more »


Hire Fire LegislationRecent developments in employment and labor law are making it “a tough business [environment] for employers,” says attorney Susan Childers North.

In August, the Federal Trade Commission levied a $2.6 million fine against HireRight Solutions, a background checking firm based in Irvine, Calif. The FTC was using authority granted to it under the Fair Credit Reporting Act relating to non-banks. The FTC shares responsibility with the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in regulating provisions of the FCRA. read more »

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