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David Bohan

Growth in consumer confidence is putting consumers back in the mood to spend, but how they shop has changed.

Marketers can take heart in a Deloitte study showing that 55 percent of consumers think the economy is recovering from the recession, 64 percent feel their household financial situation is the same or better than last year and 63 percent plan to spend the same or more at retailers this year.

“Retailers should be encouraged by consumers’ tone as they plan for … (the) fall and winter selling session,” said Stacy Janiak, vice chairman of Deloitte. read more »

Marketing Matters

We have all heard that the recession has changed American consumer behavior. Indeed, the change has been dramatic.

Many have proclaimed a “new age of frugality,” and marketers are adjusting their projections to deal with the new reality. The smart marketers are adjusting their tactics, too.

A recent survey by consulting giant Booz & Co. polled more than 2,000 a.m.erican consumers and verified that they really have tightened their belts. They reduced their spending in a wide variety of categories. read more »

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