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Dan Weedin
Social Media Mayhem — Volume 2

No more dipping your toe in the cyberspace pool. It’s time to get wet!

Last month, we pushed you in and got you started swimming in social media mayhem. This month is dedicated to helping you save time while making the most impact on your clients and prospects. Here are the final five Dan Weedin Social Media Mayhem Best Practices for (those who feel like) Dummies read more »

Social Media Mayhem — Volume 1

I recently presented at the Bigfoot Social Networking Conference held at the Harborside in Bremerton. It was a terrific inaugural event that drew over 150 business professionals from all industries. What I discovered is that there are an abundance of business people confused, unsure, and apprehensive about the whole fascination over social media. This conference gave participants the opportunity to be educated and learn strategies and techniques to leverage this burgeoning technology. That could potentially be even MORE confusing, as there are a plethora of contradistinctive theories and applications held and espoused by smart people. read more »


You’ve heard it said, “Competition is king.” New Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll has made competition his mantra by enumerating that competition brings out the best in every player and position, thus making the entire team better. Not only is competition good in sports, it’s good in business. The question is — how do you leverage that competition in your business to make you king of the hill?

Why does competition make you better? There are three main reasons. read more »


I spent six years coaching high school basketball at North Kitsap High School. One of my basketball mentors was Coach Mike Krzyzewski from Duke. In his book 5-Point Play, Coach K discussed the concept of “Next Play.” In summary, it’s the mindset that when you make a poor play, you don’t dwell on it and let it paralyze you for the rest of the game. Instead, you concentrate on the “next play” in front of you. By doing this, the negative past never lingers, and the next plays in your game will be more likely to be positive. read more »


To paraphrase Wall Street mogul Warren Buffet, you should sell when everyone is buying with frenzy and buy when everyone is selling in panic. It’s the best way to take advantage of the axiom, “Buy low and sell high.” Likewise, when doomsday is often the word of the day promulgated by the pundits, it is the best place to uncover blue chip opportunity for your business. It’s your opening to buy low and watch your investment soar. read more »

Branding Your Business

If you are like most business professionals, you’ve had it hammered into you to memorize a 60-second elevator speech that will captivate your spellbound victim and have them handing you over a check before the 9th floor. You’ve fussed about saturating the words into your mind so you can recite them at the speed of light without even blinking once. I have three words for you…

Take the stairs! read more »


As we enter into a brand-new decade where it seems technology is king and business relationships are being built on your computer screen, iPhone, and Blackberry, it is more essential to go “old school” in order to propitiously build relationships that will earn you business. That means face-to-face, not avatar-to-avatar. In old school terms, get out of your chair and start pressing flesh! read more »


Regardless of the time of year, recreation plays a prominent role in our lives. Whether we’re hitting the slopes or hitting the links, whether we’re sailing or water skiing, we love to get out and enjoy life in the Pacific Northwest. And the toys that help us enjoy life become more expensive as our disposable income grows. That new set of Callaway golf clubs, those K2 skis, or a 25-foot sailboat not only bring you pleasure, but also put a small dent in your wallet. So have you taken the extra step of protecting your recreational investments? read more »


Business owners who operate a fleet of one or more vehicles know that commercial auto insurance can be pricey. The reasons vary, from higher liability judgments to the number of miles logged and the unusual exposures. The fact is, commercial auto insurance can become a hefty part of your budget if you don’t monitor it. But with proper risk management, you can not only save premium dollars, you can also prevent hidden business costs caused by claims, damage to your reputation, and tragic loss. read more »

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