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Bruce Caldwell

To say that Volvos are popular in the Pacific Northwest is like saying Gortex should be the official state fabric. Volvos, especially Volvo wagons, are a natural fit for the climate, driving conditions, active lifestyles, and sensibilities of area consumers. read more »


Trying to find something negative about the Honda Civic is like trying to criticize the American flag. Unless you’re some kind of Yugo-loving commie there’s nothing but praise to offer.

Not that we wanted to find fault with the 2008 Honda Civic EX-L, it’s just that we’re amazed how this once tiny economy car has come to be the gold standard of compact cars. read more »


The Honda Accord has been in the U.S. for thirty-two years and it’s now in its eighth iteration. The all-new 2008 Accord has come a very long ways since the little hatchback coupe was introduced in 1976.

I attended that introductory press launch and was so impressed with the car that I bought one in 1978 even though I worked at HOT ROD Magazine and drove a GTO. read more »


Ford’s Fusion is exactly the kind of car Ford needs to build if it wants to regain financial health. The 2008 Ford Fusion is a car that does everything well, but it’s more than just a competent appliance, it’s pleasurable to drive. Note, we said pleasurable, not fun.

That statement isn’t meant as a backhanded compliment, it’s just that although the Fusion has a pretty sporty appearance it’s not a sports sedan — and that’s fine. read more »


We liked the GMC Denali concept the first time we drove a Yukon Denali in the nineties. We went on a long family vacation to central Oregon. The blend of luxury and function made the Denali a pleasure whether cruising at 80-plus on U.S. 97, trekking along silt Forest Service roads or plowing through deep snow on the way to Mt. Bachelor.

That great Denali tradition carries on in the 2008 GMC Envoy Denali. read more »


Jeep isn’t a brand usually associated with high performance, at least not the highway type. When most people think of the Jeep Grand Cherokee they probably think of a rugged, but luxurious SUV. That’s an accurate assumption unless the magic suffix SRT8 is present.

SRT8 is Chrysler’s code for move over and get out of the way. The SRT8 designation means the mighty 6.1-liter 420 horsepower Hemi V-8 lurks under the hood. read more »


Kia Motors is on a roll — rolling out one new car after the other. Kia sales have been on a steady upswing — rising each of the past thirteen years. Much of that success can be attributed to increasingly high quality, high value products. Kia’s outstanding warranty program reinforces product quality and adds greatly to the price/value equation.

A diversified product line is another part of the Kia success story. read more »


I bought one of the first Chevy Astro minivans in the Pacific Northwest — what a colossal mistake. I followed the Astro with a first generation Dodge Caravan. I loathed that rolling repair bill even more than the awful Astro. Except for all the times they stranded her; my wife liked mini vans. Our polarized viewpoints were often fractious. read more »


Chevrolet’s always-popular Silverado pickup line stands to be more popular than ever with the introduction of the all-new 2007 models. Pickup truck sales are hotly contested and now Chevrolet and GMC have the ammunition to fight off any and all contenders. read more »

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