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Bruce Caldwell

2010 Chevrolet CorvetteHow much better can the Chevrolet Corvette get? The current generation Corvette is so spectacular that improvements have to be incremental. The modern Corvette so long ago surpassed domestic performance cars as well as most foreign competitors that there doesn’t seem like much point in going quicker or faster.

Changes for 2010 are very minor. There is the new Grand Sport model. This model reaches back to a historically significant read more »


2010 Ford Mustang GTI think the Ford Motor Company knows something about longevity. Ford started the whole pony car segment before the segment even had a name. The segment was named after the Mustang. Ford has done very well with many other well-known models and series such as the Model T Ford, the Model A, and the F-150. Besides building excellent vehicles, Ford knows how to inspire customer loyalty.

Other pony cars (e.g. the Challenger and the Camaro) are making strong comebacks, but the Mustang never left. read more »


2010 Dodge Challenger and Challenger SRT8Chrysler designers nailed the Dodge Challenger styling forty years ago and they were smart enough not to mess it up later. Some companies try too hard to throw a new spin on a classic design, but Dodge was very careful. Dodge did such a great job that the 2010 Challenger can be deceiving. From a distance it looks very much like a 1970 Challenger, but the closer you get the more you realize that this is a larger car. Some retro cars are scaled down, but the Challenger is scaled up. The Challenger shares the same platform as the four-door Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger.

Walkaround: The new Challenger is surprisingly read more »


2010 Ford Escape HybridThe big $4.00/$5.00@ gallon gas scare seems to have subsided in the wake of tougher economic times, but the push to save resources and “drive green” hasn’t. The fact that people aren’t panicking about gas prices makes now an even better time to purchase a hybrid. When crazy second stickers were in force they wiped out much of the financial savings afforded by hybrids. If you buy one now with a more noble green philosophy you’ll still end up saving the folding type of green. read more »


2010 Acura TSXAcuras are wonderful long distance cars. They’re built so well and so comfortable that the miles just melt away. I’ve always felt that Acura cars were based on outstanding engineering. That super solid basis comes through when covering multi-state distances.

The precision engineering shines on boring freeways and even more on secondary roads. The Acura TSX is a nimble sedan read more »


The last car I ever talked my mother into buying was a Rally Red 1970 Dodge Challenger with the gutsy 340 V-8, slap stick TorqueFlite transmission, hood scoops, spoilers, mag wheels and black bucket seats. I hoped the hot Challenger would eventually makes its way into my sweaty hands, but that dream died at a Volvo dealership during the first gas crisis. read more »


Small and affordable doesn’t have to mean boring and lethargic. The 2009 Suzuki SX4 Crossover is a subcompact car that packs a great deal of sportiness and fun into a handsome, very practical package. And it does all this with an outstanding warranty and prices well under $20,000 .

The SX4 comes in two body styles, a 5-door hatchback called the Crossover and a more traditional sedan. We drove the SX4 Crossover with AWD. read more »


Subarus have always done well in the Pacific Northwest and rightfully so, because they’re ideally suited to the climate, roads, and needs of the residents. Subarus are unique and so are we.

The Subaru Forester started out in 1998 as a very practical, spacious inside/compact outside, all-weather crossover SUV. It wasn’t the flashiest box on the road, but it was affordable and most importantly it did everything active owners required. read more »


The 2009 Ford Mustang GT isn’t a revolutionary car, but that doesn’t stop it from being great. Many contemporary cars overwhelm drivers with technological innovations. The 45th anniversary model Mustang GT is more old school, relying on a proven formula of front-mounted engine and rear-wheel-drive. Ford has refined this combo so it works very well and is cost effective. read more »

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