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Bruce Caldwell

Many great Mustangs have been produced in the past forty plus years, so it might seem presumptuous to call the new Mustang GT the best ever. Some might dispute best ever laurels, but I challenge anyone to spend a week driving one and then decide. The proof is in the driving. read more »


We came to a stop sign soon after getting in the all-new 2006 Kia Rio 5 SX for the first time. The car was so quiet I thought I’d killed the engine, but the tach indicated it was still running. My passenger thought we were driving a hybrid vehicle. To say that we were stunned by the quietness of this very economical car is an understatement. read more »


The 2006 Volvo XC70 is perfectly suited to Pacific Northwest lifestyles and driving conditions. It offers a great blend of go-anywhere ruggedness and refined urban commuting. The idea of an all-wheel-drive station wagon has always made sense. It will go anywhere the average SUV goes and it’s much more enjoyable to drive. The next time you need to cross the Sahara Desert then you should buy a Hummer H1. Take the kids to school in an XC70. read more »


When we first drove the new Mercedes ML320 luxury SUV in 1998 we had high expectations. After a bone-jarring trip over some backcountry washboard roads we thought the new ML was going to come unglued. This was about the time of the Mercedes/Chrysler merger. We got out to check the badges to be sure we weren’t driving a sixties Dodge Powerwagon. read more »


The original 1964 Pontiac GTO has achieved icon status as the car that jump-started the muscle car craze. Even though there were other fast domestic cars, the GTO marked the first time a big-block V-8 had been offered in a mid-size car . read more »


Most people talk about how fast Corvettes are. I like to boast about the fantastic gas mileage I get. Our test Corvette roadster averaged 28.9 mpg on the highway. That’s incredible economy for a 400 horsepower supercar. read more »


Pontiac’s flagship Bonneville GXP is something of a “sleeper” among reasonably priced performance/luxury sedans. It’s never been as flashy as the Grand Prix or GTO, but it’s a highly competent car that deserves a close look from anyone in the market for an athletic, full-size sedan. read more »


I was among the first people in North America to drive the brand new Honda Accord in 1976. I was immediately impressed. I was the junior-most editor at Car Craft Magazine. When the preview invitation came everyone above me passed. “Send the new kid,” said the editor, so I went. read more »


Precipitation in Washington State is almost exclusively rain. Even the so-called snow we occasionally see is more like white rain. Yet, a common rationale for the herds of SUVs roaming our highways is “to get around in bad weather.” I’ve lived where it snowed a foot overnight and it wasn’t Western Washington. There, four-wheel-drive was more necessity than fashion accessory. read more »

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