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Brian X. Chen
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It has become clear that AT&T views T-Mobile US, a smaller carrier, as a threat.

AT&T made an announcement Jan. 3 aimed squarely at T-Mobile customers: If they switch to AT&T from T-Mobile, they can receive up to $450 in credit to spend on devices or services.

To receive up to $250 in credit, T-Mobile customers will have to trade in their smartphone. The trade-in value will depend on the type of phone and its condition.

Then, T-Mobile customers can get $200 more credit after selecting either an AT&T plan called Next, which gives customers a chance to upgrade to a new phone after one year, or its Mobile Share Value plan, its contract-free plan. (Customers don’t get the credit if they sign up for a traditional, two-year contract.) read more »


SAN FRANCISCO — Three years ago, Steve Jobs compared personal computers to trucks and tablets to cars. PCs will still be around, he said, but more people will want tablets.

Apple on Tuesday took another step toward making that prediction come true. It souped up its iPad tablets with faster processors and zippier connections.

The company upgraded its iPad Mini, the smaller tablet, with a higher-resolution display. The full-size iPad with a 9.7-inch screen was renamed the iPad Air, because it has a slimmer design and has lost some weight. The small iPad starts at $400 and the bigger iPad will cost $500. Both iPads will ship in November. read more »


SAN FRANCISCO — Apple wants to show the world it has not lost the ability to innovate.

The company introduced a major redesign this week of iOS, its mobile software system, as well as upgrades for some of its Mac computers.

It also unveiled a new online music service for its music player iTunes.

The new service, called iTunes Radio, allows users to create their own stations by typing in an artist name; the feature finds and streams music that is similar to that artist’s. The service is free and supported by advertisements, Apple said. read more »

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