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Bill Hoke

This is not a goodbye, but it is a transition, and after 26 years of doing business, writing articles, discussions over hundreds of advertisements and news releases, change is coming to a very good friend, the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal.

Our association with Lary and Dee began 26 years ago when our Seattle advertising agency began to place advertisements in the new-at-the-time Business Journal. It was the only source of business news, commentary, editorial — business news in-depth and nearly all of it local. read more »

Building Wealth

If you’ve been self-employed and find yourself retired, you probably missed the ceremony where the office chips in to buy you a watch or gives you cruise tickets and hosts a forgettable lunch in a local restaurant. Then they all go back to work, comment on what a fine person you are/were, how you will be missed, how much better and efficient it is with younger people now in charge, and you begin receiving pension and retirement benefits, maybe the company lets you stay on their health and dental, vision and massage and generally generous benefits package. read more »


My mountain climbing partner waits for the beginning of Lent and then he goes on a sugar-free diet, counts his calories, heads to the gym and by early summer he has cut 20 or 30 pounds and declares himself fit to climb.

Despite our age difference — he is 10 years younger — he shows up each summer and complains that I go too fast and I note that even with all his exercise and dieting, he still carries too much weight.

I have to wonder how these annual crash diets are affecting his body.

Maybe I am genetically lucky and don’t have to count calories, but I have a different approach to seasonal exercise and that is, I try to keep in good shape all the time. read more »


Bill HokeStuart WaltonIf you are facing retirement, or thinking how you will spend your time when you do retire, starting your own business may be on your mind.

It’s a big decision and a complicated one.

We have worked with nearly 1,000 new business start-ups and expansions in Kitsap in the past 10 years — through the Washington Community Alliance for Self-Help (CASH) program, and in our private consulting businesses.

One thousand times we have heard someone say, “I have a dream to open a…” and we have watched and worked with them read more »

Branding Your Business

Four times each year, 30 aspiring entrepreneurs in the Washington Community Alliance for Self Help (CASH) program set out to learn the basics so they can fulfill their dreams to start their own businesses.

They come from every corner of Kitsap County for the eight-weeks of intense business training. Many come from WorkSource to take advantage of the Self Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) that lets them continue to collect unemployment benefits and not have to look for work while they develop their business. read more »


During the past ten years, I’ve been lucky enough to help mentor and launch nearly 1,000 new business start-ups, in my private consulting practice, and through my involvement with the Washington Community Alliance for Self Help (CASH) program.

Nearly one thousand times someone has looked up from a nascent business plan, or with a look of steely determination and said. “I want to start my own business.” Those seven words always get my attention.

One of the many lessons from Washington CASH is that every single one of these entrepreneurs needs a mentor. read more »


If you’ve never thought about a bucket list or are too young or too engaged in your career, you may want to come back to this article in a year, or 10.

But for those who are in their twilight years, or have seen their ranks diminished by the timely, or untimely, loss of friends, making a bucket list may have crossed your mind. If so, let me share an experience gained while drifting into my 70s.

I made a conventional bucket list a few years ago, from taking my grandchildren to Washington, D.C., to getting to the base camp of Mt. Everest, to hiking in the Alps to publishing a book of poems. I took off a climb of Mt. McKinley, but maintain a hike of Bailey Range. read more »


Working at home. Did I read that one-half of American businesses are run from a desk in the family room, a work area in the garage, from an upstairs bedroom, a backyard office?

Millions of other Americans are tele-commuting, from home, a few days or a few weeks a month.

When I first began to operate my free lance broadcast production business from my home, it was a novelty. When I launched my first home-based business, I had two small children at home and my clients were not impressed to hear a crying child or to think I had a day care operating in my back yard. read more »

Banking And Finance

She stood up, alone in a group of strangers, walked to the front of the classroom, took an obvious deep breath and said in a soft but firm voice, “My name is Eve King-Hill and I want to start a psychotherapy practice in Poulsbo.”

Eight weeks later, Eve and 25 other entrepreneurs graduated from what she described as an ‘intense’ Business Development Training Class offered by the Washington Community Alliance for Self Help (CASH).

In the class, Eve worked on her business and when it appeared to be a feasible idea, she began to develop a formal business plan. read more »

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