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Bill Bambrick

Remember Frank Sinatra’s song about the ant and the rubber tree plant? Me too. I had high hopes I could motivate certain of the Kitsap gentry to help me promote a youth music festival here in Kitsap. The idea was to have been a three-day affair, with marching bands on Friday, jazz ensembles on Saturday, and vocal groups on Sunday. I hoped it might be a world-class event, with competitions, workshops, and a chance to see and hear invited professional groups who would come and put on shows in the evenings. read more »


You may have met Rich Hecker on the golf course last September. He is the dynamic personality who directed the Charity Golf Tournament, which was sponsored last year by EHL Insurance and Fred Hill Materials at the Gold Mountain golf course, in Bremerton. The event attracted ninety-six golfers and raised nearly $10,000 for the Kitsap Community Foundation, of which Hecker is a board member. He hopes to make this year’s tournament bigger and better, with a goal of doubling last year’s contribution to the Foundation. read more »


When I was a young man I used to play the French horn in marching bands. This has left me with a lifelong goal of doing something to support marching bands and the young musicians who play in them. Last fall I wrote about my goals in a local newspaper, and got enthusiastic expressions of interest from many citizens. But no one wanted to step up to the plate and taake charge. So I decided I would have to be the “Little Red Hen” myself. read more »

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