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Beth Taylor

Sip a mug of Janie Marquiss’ Mayan hot chocolate and it’s like drinking an exotic liquid chocolate bar.

Lure her to your town and it’s like striking gold. So says Jon Rose with Pope Resources, which owns the tiny company town of Port Gamble. Marquiss’ wildly popular chocolate shop, La La Land, is symbolic of the historic community’s renaissance.

Since Janie and Greg Marquiss opened up their shop in a lovingly restored historic home last July, customers have been swarming into town. And while they’re there, they often stop at the other local shops. read more »


The main reason for Kevin Dahl’s entrepreneurial success is as clear as glass: he treats his customers right.

But then, customer service is a priority passed down to the owner of Dahl Glass from his dad, and his father before him. Kevin prides himself on giving his clients as much personal attention as Ole Dahl showered on his customers as proprietor of the original business, called Dahl’s Cabinet Shop, which opened its doors in 1932. read more »

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