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Ashley Lutz
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The restaurant industry is more competitive than ever.

In an attempt to win over discriminating and cash-strapped customers, restaurant chains went all out with some cool innovations.

We chose a few of our game-changing favorites from the year.

1. McDonald’s tested overlapping breakfast and burgers.

This year, the fast food giant began testing “McDonald’s After Midnight.” The menu has breakfast favorites — like Egg McMuffins and hash browns — alongside burgers and fries.

CEO Don Thompson said the brand would love to eventually serve breakfast all day. This was an important step in the right direction. read more »


Teens aren’t frequenting malls as much as they used to, putting retailers like American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Aeropostale in trouble.

Teens are visiting the mall 28 times per year, down about 30 percent from the peak in 2007, according to a recent report by Piper Jaffray.

This “mindset change in shopping” is probably permanent, according to the report.

There are a few reasons why teens aren’t hanging out at malls, according to the report:

  1. Teens are browsing their mobile devices to find new products. This makes them less likely to be excited by mall offerings.
  2. Young people are only buying clothing when there is a real or perceived need for it. Forget impulse purchases made during a trip to the mall.
  3. Teens don’t need the mall for entertainment. Social networks make teens feel connected to one another without actually hanging out.

These trends are troubling for teen retailers. read more »


Costco CEO Craig Jelinek is eliminating self-service checkout from stores because he says his employees do a better job.

“They are great for low-volume warehouses, but we don’t want to be in the low-volume warehouse business,” he told Bloomberg Businessweek.

Costco has tested self-checkout in the past. Jelinek told Businessweek that human cashiers are more efficient.

His decision comes at a time when competitor Wal-Mart is adding 10,000 self-service checkout systems to stores. read more »

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