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Ann Zimmerman
The Wall Street Journal|wsj.com

WASHINGTON — Online shoppers, beware. Freedom from sales taxes is on the way out.

The Senate, in a 63-to-30 procedural vote on April 25, cleared the way for passage of a bill to effectively end tax-free shopping online.

A final Senate vote is scheduled for May 6.

The bill, called the Marketplace Fairness Act, would allow states to require online sellers around the country to collect sales tax for them on purchases made by their residents.

Big online sellers have expanded their physical operations nationwide, building warehouses and other facilities to speed delivery, while traditional stores increasingly have an online presence. read more »


Electronics Retailers Scoreboard 2012Is there a future for electronics specialty stores?

Not long ago, retailers such as Best Buy Co., GameStop Corp. and RadioShack Corp. were outmuscling competitors across America by offering one-stop shopping for the latest televisions, computers, videogames and gadgets.

Now all three are fighting to survive. The rise of online competitors like Amazon.com Inc. that offer low prices and downloadable products have siphoned customers and sales from these once-powerful retailers. read more »

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